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B. Root

Landline: An Introduction to Gay Porn

A photo of an introduction to gay porn.

The door slides open, and I hop down the steps and onto the street. The school bus drops me and a few other kids off at the entry to our neighborhood. The cement feels soft beneath my new Sketchers. Mother bought them for me last weekend. After pay day, she took me to the Payless and let me pick out a new pair. She said my last ones needed to be replaced because they had gone to hell. The other…

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Fifteen: Discovering Queer Intimacy in Small-town Texas

Fifteen: Photo of Spectrum South writer B. Root, a genderqueer individual from Tyler, Texas.

He is waiting for me when I get to the grocery store. His truck is the only one parked in the far corner of the lot. I knock on the passenger side door. He unlocks it, and I get in without him looking at me. He puts the truck in reverse and starts backing out before I even have my seatbelt on. It’s not until we pull out of the parking lot and onto the highway that he finally says…

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