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Kelsey Gledhill

Talk Derby to Me: Meet Brawler Jammer Arrak-Kiss

A photo of HRD Brawler Arrak-Kiss.

“It’s the last jam of the 2017 championship...two minutes left, your HRD Brawlers and undefeated Psych Ward Sirens are neck and neck...get on your feet, Houston!” veteran Houston Roller Derby announcer Scarlet O’Hurtya yells out with anxious enthusiasm. Wild cheers from fans vibrate Revention Music Center. My ears are ringing, my legs are throbbing from jumping up and down, and my homemade poster is ripped at each side from my clenched fists. Brawler jammer Arrak-Kiss and Siren jammer Black Lung…

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Talk Derby to Me: Out Houston Roller Derby Skater Chats Life On and Off the Track

Houston Roller Derby teams the Brawlers take on the Psych Ward Sirens at Revention Music Center.

“I was recovering from foot surgery in 2010 and saw Whip It—the movie that I swear changes everybody’s life,” recalls Punch. “I Googled Houston Roller Derby and ended up going to watch my first was fantastic.” A week later, she bought a pair of skates and has been all in ever since—becoming one of the most-skilled blockers in the league and for her home team, the 2017 championship-bound Brawlers.…

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Breaking The Norm: Defying Tradition to Find Truth

Breaking the Norm: Defying Tradition to Find Truth. A photo of Kelsey Gledhill, co-founder of Spectrum South and a queer woman from Texas.

When you come from a conventional place dominated by conventional people, it can be hard to break the mold. It almost becomes second nature to want to graduate high school, get married (to a man), have children, vote Republican, and run to Wal-Mart. Tempting, I know. But I powered through, and when it came time for college, I happily went on my way.…

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