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Transforming Fashion: Texas Trans Model of Color Breaks Boundaries

A photo of trans model Jessica Zyrie.

Jessica Zyrie, a Texas-raised trans model, aims to change the fashion uniform. Born in New Jersey, Zyrie grew up in San Antonio, where she transitioned her senior year of high school. Although some in her life rejected her for transitioning, Zyrie says she is still grateful. “There have been many highs and lows in my transition, but I have gained so much more than I’ve lost,” she says. “I’ve gained true happiness in knowing that I can be loved and…

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Pyramid Seven: Queer-Owned Company Makes Underwear for People With Periods

A photo of queer people in Pyramid Seven underwear.

The worst part of Zipporah Jarmon’s period is that it forces her to wear panties for a few days out of the month. The problem is—as a 26-year-old masculine-presenting gay woman—she doesn’t usually wear panties. Instead, she feels more comfortable in men’s boxers. But during her period, Jarmon’s options are limited. Women’s boxer briefs are often still very feminine and shorter in length than she prefers. Men’s boxers, her usual go-to, don’t have a place for a pad. Jarmon wondered…

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