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Deondre B. Moore

An AIDS-Free Generation: Fighting HIV With Social and Racial Justice

An illustration of social and racial justice.

As an HIV advocate, I know that my success is rooted in my resiliency. Rooted in my courage to stand up for all people, regardless of race, gender, sexuality, or socioeconomic status. Rooted in my persistence to have the tough conversations others avoid. Conversations like the fact that we will never achieve an AIDS-free generation unless we embrace and advocate for social and racial justice.…

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World AIDS Day: Restoring Faith in the Community

An illustration of World AIDS Day and faith.

Faith is something that you believe in, but can’t see. It tells you that all in life and love are possible, even when everyone around you says they’re not. But some have forgotten what it’s like to have faith. Some have lost their faith because those who they thought would be there for them have turned their backs. Today, on World AIDS Day, I’m reminded of the faith that I have, that I have had, and how it has brought…

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