No, I’m Not Sleeping with Your Bisexual Boyfriend

An illustration of three bisexual hearts.

The last time Dan and I had spoken seriously was during our road trip out West where we spent three summer weeks crisscrossing national parks and mountain towns. The journey was our Americana rite of passage, as well as my graduation trip—Dan still had two years left to go, but I had finished undergrad just two months prior. Over a thousand miles away from home in Houston, we buried—or so we thought then—the rumors about each other’s sexuality, particularly mine.…

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Transforming Fashion: Texas Trans Model of Color Breaks Boundaries

A photo of trans model Jessica Zyrie.

Jessica Zyrie, a Texas-raised trans model, aims to change the fashion uniform. Born in New Jersey, Zyrie grew up in San Antonio, where she transitioned her senior year of high school. Although some in her life rejected her for transitioning, Zyrie says she is still grateful. “There have been many highs and lows in my transition, but I have gained so much more than I’ve lost,” she says. “I’ve gained true happiness in knowing that I can be loved and…

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Pyramid Seven: Queer-Owned Company Makes Underwear for People With Periods

A photo of queer people in Pyramid Seven underwear.

The worst part of Zipporah Jarmon’s period is that it forces her to wear panties for a few days out of the month. The problem is—as a 26-year-old masculine-presenting gay woman—she doesn’t usually wear panties. Instead, she feels more comfortable in men’s boxers. But during her period, Jarmon’s options are limited. Women’s boxer briefs are often still very feminine and shorter in length than she prefers. Men’s boxers, her usual go-to, don’t have a place for a pad. Jarmon wondered…

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Like a Mimosa Blossom: Making My Peace With the Queer South

An illustration of mimosa blossoms in the queer South.

Well, that’s what I always told myself, at least. When I arrived in North Carolina from the Northeast as an effeminate, bookish eight year old, nothing seemed right. Southern twang and slang mystified me, while I struggled to adjust to new foods, schools, and manners. And the homophobic and gender-oppressive bullying I’d always encountered seemed, if anything, to intensify. I couldn’t wait to grow up and get out.…

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Reclaiming Brujería Through Queerness

A photo of a queer brujería spell on Donald Trump.

Brujería often possesses a negative reputation and is feared as a manifestation of evil. But for many young Latinx millennials—and more specifically queer Latinx millennials—it is an outlet for empowerment and freedom. Spectrum South recently caught up with Alex Aguilar, a self-identified queer bruja from the Rio Grande Valley who is now based in Austin.…

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Why I Won’t Use Latinx

An illustration of Latinx.

In the past few years, “Latinx” has stormed to prominence—first in online communities, then in mainstream media platforms as well as academic discourse. “Latinx” seeks to end the gendered designations in the Spanish language, replacing “Latino” and “Latina” with a term that includes both genders, as well as gender nonconforming and non-binary people.…

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Asking For A Friend: Where Do I Fall On The Sexuality Spectrum?

An illustration of the sexuality spectrum.

We love to talk about sex and sexuality as something everyone enjoys, but this isn’t completely true or inclusive. Many folks fall along the asexual spectrum, and for them, sex isn’t the main course in their life, but an occasional snack or, in some cases, is completely off the menu. An asexual person is generally defined as “someone who does not experience sexual attraction.” However, asexuality—just like any sexuality or gender identity—is a spectrum.…

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Transouthern Youth: Meet Landon Richie

A photo of Houston transgender youth Landon Richie.

To his 26,000 Instagram followers, Houstonian Landon Richie embodies confidence—his posts are eloquent and encouraging, his face smiling and strong. In person, Richie is just as self-aware. He chats effortlessly about his activism, identity, and passions. It’s not until his mom, Erika, mentions an upcoming school band practice that I’m reminded the savvy individual sitting across from me is only 14 years old.…

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